Our canoeing trips

Tourism activities include organized trips on the Gauja and Salaca rivers. Our equipment consists of aluminium canoes “INKAS” .

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Return trip guaranteed and included in price.
– Camping accommodation at Baili according to the price list;

Suggested routes:

 The river Gauja.

Route (Gauja) Km 1 canoe
Price (Eur)
Vireši – Valmiera 134km 120.00
Aņņi – Valmiera 83 km 100.00
Spicrāmis – Valmiera 62 km 80.00
Oliņas – Valmiera 43 km 60.00
Strenči – Valmiera 24 km 45.00
Valmiera – CaunītesCaunītes-CēsisCaunītes-LenčiCaunītes-Jāņarāmis 21 km23 km17 km11 km 45.0045.0045.0045.00
Valmiera – Cēsis* 44 km 60.00
Valmiera – Līgatne* 63 km 80.00
Valmiera – Sigulda(Turaida)* 81 km 100.00


The river Salaca.

Route (Salaca) Km 1 canoe
Price (Eur)
Mazsalaca – Staicele 39km 80.00
Mazsalaca – Salacgrīva 80 km 100.00
Staicele – Salacgrīva 43 km 80.00

Individual programs can be arranged.

We offer a full service including canoes and raft rental as well as transporting participants and equipments to the starting point of the trip and back to the base point. You can park your car in a secure parking areas in Valmiera and Caunītes.

If you cycle through the Baltic states, you are welcome to stop in Valmiera (Camping “Baiļi”). We can manage your canoe trip in most popular stage Valmiera-Sigulda (or where you prefer).

If you are traveling by caravan and decide to spent the night in “Baiļi” we recommend an easy one day 4 – 5 hours trip on the route Strenči – Valmiera.
Both rivers Gauja and Salaca are excelent for bird watching especialy ,the river Gauja in section Viresi – Valmiera.

We provide you with equipment:
-life jackets