How do the Gauja and Salaca rivers differ from other Baltic rivers?
There are quite a few rivers in the Baltic countries suitable for active recreation, but the Gauja and Salaca are special. The river banks have colourful sandstone cliffs. The Gauja is noted for its clean, sandy beaches. The main positive thing is that the rivers are not dammed and they flow in their natural beds for hundreds of kilometres. At the same time, they are unsuitable for motorized boats. You donÿt feel the modern world on the river. Buildings and other structures only appear rarely on the river banks. In the recent past the Gauja was visited by hundreds of tourists from Russia. Following the restoration of Latviaÿs independence, tourists from other countries can also enjoy its unique natural beauty.
Why should I travel around the Baltic countries and Latvia in particular?
The Baltic countries are notable for having a clean environment thanks to their low population densities. The collapse of the Soviet Union put an end to environmentally harmful industries serving military needs. New industrial sites comply with modern environmental protection requirements. At the same time the transport network is well developed, allowing you to plan your trip. A new generation in tune with the modern world has grown up, which is setting the tone in the tourism business.
What are the most popular routes?
The most popular route with foreign visitors is the three-day trip from Valmiera to Sigulda, which the travellers navigate on their own. Two and three day trips are also popular with young people traveling around the Baltic countries.
How far in advance do I have to book a boat?
We can usually provide a boat in the middle of the week without a prior reservation.During the busy summer period it is advisable to book at least one month in advance. In this case we can always meet demand in cooperation with other firms.
What languages can you communicate in?
All of our service personnel speak three languages – Latvian, English and Russian. Some of them also speak French, but you can be certain that everyone is able to communicate in English.
Why should you choose our company?
We have charted and tried out all of the river trips ourselves, so we can offer you as great adventure and can answer all your questions.